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Run 2 Run 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really liked the game. The pacing was good, it didn't get too hard too fast, the idea was simple yet fun. Couple things I had a problem with was the music and transitions from each wall.

The music was good, but next time try to find a song that sounds good on repeat, or at least loop it at the point that makes it sound like its a continuous one song, also the quality of the song didn't sound too clear. Sounded muffled like an out flash game.

The transitions from wall to wall was a bit slow, but once I got to about 21+ I was a little thankful for it, but not too much. It did help my brain catch up to what I was running in to, but I think it would of been better to keep the flow.

Overall, I like the game, shame I got too frustrated to only end it on Level 29. I would also like to see some achievements on here, would be keep people interested in playing and sometimes keep them glued to a game like this just trying to get them all.

Just a side question: How many levels are there?

SonicBoom2013 responds:

quite a few levels, dunno how many they are.